Well, hello there, June :)

I can't believe it's June!! I feel like 2009 is flying by!!! Where does the time go?

Anyway, now that I'm all caught up on blogging {I think!!!} hopefully I can stay up-to-date!

Since Kristen is staying with us most of the time this summer, our house has been "more alive" as my mom said.... even though when she's here we don't really do much more than we usually do. But I guess it's just the fact of having someone else in the house.

So far, we've been watching movies. In the past 3 days I watched 4 movies, which is a lot for me. I hardly ever watch movies. We've watched... The Changeling, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button {it was a Jolie-Pitt family movie marathon!}, Bride Wars, and then saw Madea Goes to Jail at the dollar movie. So far all the movies have been good. My mom even watched most of them with us, and she usually watches movies way less than even I do. Next I want to see Mirrors with Jack Bauer Kiefer Sutherland. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Other than that, the past week has been pretty low-key. This week I am babysitting 6 days - yesterday, today, tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. It's fun though, and Mia is such a good baby! Then Hope's wedding is the 20th, which I'm taking pictures for! I really want(ed) to get my DSLR before then so I could take awesome pictures for her, but I don't know if it's going to happen. It just seems like every time I save up money, something else comes up that I have to pay for! I hate money. Now I'm down to less than 3 weeks left, so I don't know. We'll see... maybe I will win the lottery between now and then. But the week after that {I think} I'm going to D.C.!!! On a roadtrip with some of my favorite people! That'll be fun.

And then it will basically be July which is also PACKED with fun-ness. I can't wait.

P.S. Sorry this is a lame post with no pictures. I'll post some soon!