Best Birthday Cake EVER!

THANK YOU for all of the HAPPY BIRTHDAY & GET WELL wishes!!!! :) {cards, calls, texts, on here, facebook, and twitter}!


My birthday was pretty low-key and un-eventful. Being on a Thursday, there's not much to do, and I still wasn't feeling 100% better {if you couldn't tell by this picture...but I posted it because it's the only one of me taken all day}. But we celebrated by getting a Tagalong Ice Cream cake from Dairy Queen.

lit candles
lighting the candles
caramel topping

It was delicious and I highly recommend it! Contrary to popular belief, I did not turn 8, as the number of candles would suggest. I did turn 23, but I guess my mom didn't feel the need to include the other 15 candles. I've long been a fan of DQ ice cream cakes. I used to get one every year for my birthday. Now they have different flavors, including Tagalongs.. which if you remember is basically my favorite thing in the whole wide world! So, go get one... even if you don't have a reason to celebrate! I'm thinking about randomly buying one once a month, just because.

I mean, being alive is a good reason to celebrate, right?

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