Chicken Parmesan

I've been trying to cook more lately... so far nothing I've made has turned out horrible so I guess I'm not an awful cook, I just hardly ever do it. So here is my latest cooking experiment: parmesan chicken. It's delicious and easy!

Here's what you need ((+chicken breasts)):


Season your chicken breasts and grind some croutons to make "bread crumbs." I think I would have preferred more fine crumbs, but those little things are hard to squish. So just make them as big as you want. Sprinkle them on top.

chicken breasts

Then put marinara on top.


Then add the good stuff....CHEESE! Mozzerella and parmesan.


Then bake at 350 for about 45 minutes.

finished product

Also, I think cut up squash and zucchini would be good baked on top (under the cheese) as well, but we don't have any from the garden yet! If anyone tries it let me know.


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