a little cup of heaven.

on the way home

My 23rd birthday is in 8 days.

In honor, I have made the executive decision to celebrate all month long. {That's ok, right?}

So the first celebration of the month was: a trip to Dairy Queen with my best friend for a blizzard!

they have TAGALONG blizzards!!!

This was my face when I saw they had Tagalong Blizzards!!!

We were originally going for June's blizzard of the month {brownie batter}, hoping to get it one last time. But when I saw that Tagalong was the blizzard of the month for July, all bets were off.

...Kristen still got brownie batter though.

first bite of tagalongs!

look at that yummyness!

blizzards = heaven

yum yum yum.

Such a good day filled with things I love: my bestest friend, ice cream, and polaroids! :) I love love love polaroids.. aren't they fun?!

p.s. if you haven't seen The Proposal yet... do it!! you won't regret it.

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