Rained Out

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!.... and weren't under this awesome cloud of GREEN {rain} that we were so lucky to be blessed with.

4th of july weather

Isn't that lovely? Most of the country is clear, except for Indiana. I just thought it was funny that the entire state was covered.

Our original plans for the 4th were to go to Kristen's lake house down in Kentucky and visit with her family who were coming in from PA. They didn't end up making the trip though, so we stayed here. I guess it worked out though because I'm sure the lake wouldn't have been too much fun in the rain. Then we were going to go to the 4th of July parade and festival downtown, but again... not too much fun in the rain. So we rocked the most boring 4th of July ever at home.


It was so rainy. A steady rainfall all day. ALL DAY.

rain on rail

The sun never even made an appearance.
So since all of our plans were washed away, we did the next best thing: had a photo shoot.

lynn and flagkristen kissing the flaglynn brick wall 4

I felt like it was Senior portraits all over again...

kristen by brick wall

Then we had our own little "cookout"! AKA... cooked dinner inside...

cooking dinner!
fats in the kitchen

.... then ate it outside. That's a cookout right? Ok, I guess not. But we work with what we got.

yummy dinner!all american dinner

We had an all American dinner of hot dogs, macaroni & cheese, and green beans.

festive cups

Complete with sweet tea in festive cups!

kristen at the cook out

Hope everyone's 4th was slightly more dry than our's! :)

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