Party of 3.. at a Table for 6

over the hill birthday girls

Last night we went to dinner at Lynn's Paradise Cafe {I wish I owned it!} for my birthday dinner and a belated birthday dinner for Mel. Her birthday was July 5th, and we both turned 23!

lynn's paradise cafe

Neither of us had ever been to Lynn's, even though it's right across the river. It was Kristen's idea to go, and we both loved it! The inside {and outside} was so neat and colorful!

window lights

It was such a happy place. Just looking around it you couldn't help but be happy!

Then came the food... I got french toast, because sometimes breakfast is good for dinner. It was huge! Mel got a salad that she ate with her hands, and a side of fries {balanced, right?} and Kristen got BLT fries which we decided is the ultimate comfort food, and a side of baked macaroni.

baked macaroni

Have you ever seen baked macaroni? I hadn't. At least not like that. I thought it was awesome... and delicious!

After we ate we went and played outside...

stripes and swirls
christmas lights outside
tomato & orange
fork & spoon
baby cow

I saw this calf baby cow and had to take a picture with it because one of my nicknames from my mom is "baby cow." Don't ask. But I thought she would appreciate it.

baby cows
riding a baby cow
mel is a model!

Melanie is such a model!!!

it has bubbles!
kristen and bubbles
tea pot

Apparently this is the largest tea pot in the world. AND it has bubbles!!! How cool is that?!

me and kristen

Such a fun place! I can't believe I have never been before! While we were over in the area I saw so many neat little places that I would love to go visit... so I think we are going to have random trips to see what else we can find over there.

nitty gritty

Like this store called The Nitty Gritty. It's a thrift store and it looked so neat inside! I was so sad that they were already closed. Maybe next time!

The birthday celebration didn't end there but I'm off to eat some yummy pizza so I'll write about the 2nd half of our adventure later! :)