today we went to the zoo.

My grandma, aunt, cousins, & BUBBY {his name is Paul, but we call him Bubby and he's 5} are in town! I was afraid that the rain was going to force us to cancel our zoo trip, but it held off and we made it!

cousin, bubby, me, & drew at zooBubby at the zoo

Bubby had everything planned out! Doesn't he just look mischievious?! He is!

big turtles

First we saw these giant turtles that make me think Obie and Zeke {my turtles} are tiny. Which they are, but they are HUGE compared to how big they were when I got them!

me & cousin
Bubby on lizard

We sat Bubby on this lizard and told him it was real. It made him just a little nervous... ha

bella the gorilla2

Then we met Bella the gorilla. She came right up to the glass and was making faces and doing hand gestures with one of the zoo keepers. It was so cute.

bella the gorilla
bella the gorilla

Then on to one of my favorite exhibits... the PENGUINS!!!


I love them, but they do stink. But they're so cute!

white gator

Then we saw the "rare white alligator" that's been at the Louisville zoo for awhile now.. it's gotten so big! I remember when it was a baby!

Then we went to the snakes...gross!!! Snakes kinda give me the "heeby-jeebies" but they're also kind of fascinating when they're behind glass and can't get to you.

green snake2snake on tree 2
snake on tree

This one was HUUUUGE! I think it was an anachonda and could have probably eaten us all for lunch.

snake kiss

This little guy was very active. Bubby stood up on the little step and as soon as he did the snake "stood up" and scared him half to death. Bubby screamed and jumped down. It also went right for my mom's hand when she put it up to the glass.

snake's lunch

Then we saw this snake eating a mouse. I always thought they ate them head first. It was hard for me to watch and at the same time hard for me not to watch. But I couldn't watch it eat the whole thing. Luckily, the mouse was already dead... I definitely could not have watched the snake kill a live mouse.

On that note, we went and got our own lunch.

Bubby's french fries

We had a few friendly visitors that really wanted to join us...

goose2lunch with geese

Bubby couldn't decide if he liked them or was scared of them. He gave them one of his french fries, so of course they wouldn't leave, but then he cried when they got too close. After he didn't feed them for awhile they left, and he cried again because they were gone.


After a quick bite to eat we were off to see more animals..

me & mom

Just a side note: I love my mom!

birdbird's nectar

We went into this little caged area with tons of these pretty birds {can't for the life of me remember what they're called right now!} If you got a little cup of nectar {for $1.50!} they'd land on you and eat it. But they warned us if they land on you not to touch them or move quickly because they'd also bite you.. so of course with Bubby we couldn't do that and with tons of little birds flying all around us we had to leave pretty quickly, but they were really pretty birds.

zoo signs
cousin & me

We saw lions and tigers and bears, oh my! tigers, wallabys, orangutans, and meerkats. The wallabys were in this little area that you could walk through on a trail and they were just laying right off the trail. No cage or anything. They were just chilling out... most of them were just napping as you walked right by them.


The camels were really into having their picture taken, they posed and everything...


The zebras not so much....

zebra buttselephant hay
family on rhino
Bubby on rhino
me & grammy

I think Bubby had a pretty good time at the zoo! Thankfully, the cloudy skies from this morning cleared up and the storms held off until right when we got home. It was HOT, but it was fun!

I am loving having COUSIN in town! I'm sad she has go to back home tomorrow morning for work :( I wish I got to see her more often. We usually only get to see her once or twice a year, and now she lives 5 hours away instead of 2 since she moved to the same town as her fiance so it's even harder to see her. But at least she got to come down for a couple nights! The rest of the fam is staying longer, so we'll see what else we can find to do around here. Mom has been talking about finally starting to paint this house!! I think tomorrow we are going to look at paint colors. I'm so excited! :)

Anyway, I'm off to get some dinner! Toodles :)

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