Wedding Weekend: The Rehearsal Dinner

Well, he did it! My brother Eric is officially a married man! We almost never thought this day would come... :)

The festivities started on Friday night. I got into town and Mom dropped me off at my brother Adam's house before the rehearsal & dinner. At the rehearsal we practiced the ceremony barely twice {we didn't even practice it with the songs, vows, or anything. We basically just practiced walking down the aisle} and then pretended we all knew exactly what was going on and what we were supposed to do the next day.

Eric & Jamie

Eric & Jamie

Then we all went to dinner at this little run-down looking old drive-in movie place, but it was really neat inside.

rehearsal dinner

And we had a really good buffet dinner.

Jamie's dinner

I sat at a big table with my other brother Adam and his girlfriend Amanda:

me, Amanda, & AdamAmanda

She was a really big fan of my camera and loved me taking her picture with it because she said it made her "look like she was in a movie" haha! I love Amanda!


We also sat next to the bride's parents:

Bride's parents

After we had dinner, Jamie's dad gave a speech/toast.

Father of the Bride speech

Which was really funny because he said more than once, "I don't know how you landed a guy like Eric!" haha

Speaking of Eric...aren't my brothers handsome?

Eric & Adam

I love them both dearly.

me, Eric, & Adam

There were also 2 cute flower girls in the wedding. They are Jamie's neices, Bailey and Mackenzie, and they both love Eric to death. This is just one of them... they aren't twins but I have a hard time telling them apart in pictures. I think this is Mackenzie, but I'm not sure. In person you can tell them apart by their height difference since one of them is 4 and the other is 2.

Eric, Mackenzie, & Jamie

After dinner, speeches, pictures, and a slideshow we just kind of hung out and mingled. And Amanda found a new hat:

Amanda bowme

After the dinner Adam took me to see his new office. He has just opened up his 2nd office and I'm so proud of him!

Dr. Adam Davis white coat

Does anyone go to the chiropractor? I don't think I could let anyone but my brother do a neck adjustment on me. You just lay there and you have to totally relax {which I could not do if it wasn't my brother} and then all of a sudden they just crank your neck to the side really fast. No clue how they know exactly what to do, but that's why he's the chiropractor and not me.

adjustment in a dress

After I was done, the table just started standing up... it was pretty neat. And also helpful so I didn't have to roll off since I was wearing a dress!

chiropractic table

Amanda decided that this shot looked like it should be in some type of chiropractor magazine {do they even have those??} so we decided to have a little photo shoot with the fan next to Adam's desk.

windblown Amanda

At first Adam made fun of us, but once we pointed the camera at him he joined right in...

Adam on table

Then he put on his white coat..

Dr. Adam Davis
Dr. Adam Davis
Doctor relaxing

This is the type of stuff we do at 11 o'clock at night. I loved Adam's new office! This one is about 45 minutes closer to my house than his other one, but is still an hour away. I'm trying to convince him to open one closer to my house or to make house calls so I can see him weekly! But I don't think he really wants to commute 2 hours a day just to see me. I don't know why?!?!!

Well, The Bachelorette finale is about to come on and I'm dying to know who Jillian picks! So, I'm going to break the wedding weekend post up into 2. Check back tomorrow for THE WEDDING!

Happy Monday, everybody! :)