dear weekend, you were lovely. xoxo, lynn

corn field

i've been in north vernon & indianapolis this weekend...
mostly just hanging out.
& i've only taken like 5 pictures.
i know!
there are more on amanda's camera but i'll have to get them from her.

& now i feel like summer is dwindling away...
school starts in 3 weeks. CRAZY!
next weekend is a sorority sister's wedding & one of my best friends is coming to stay with me for the whole weekend!
i am beyond excited!
then the next weekend i might go up north to visit my favoritest cousin.. one last little roadtrip!

& then one more weekend & it will be time for school again..

a few things i loved about this weekend...
hanging out with my brother adam & his girlfriend amanda.. for the 2nd wkend in a row!
learning to play euchere
dinner at qdoba
hanging out at brian's house & meeting his neighbors with 2 really cute dogs
planning the davis world tour
tom murphy & kyle riddle
skipping through the neighborhood with amanda at 1:30am
"celebrating our familyhood"... hahahaha! :)
orange citrus chapstick that makes your lips tingle.. compliments of brian's crazy neighbor!
"das why americans are so fat!" {said with thick european accent}
brian's christmas tree, still up from christmas, only without decorations
country drives & fields of sunflowers {& corn!}

hope everyone is enjoying what's left of summer & had a great weekend! =)

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