a doggy playdate...

on friday evening, josh and i took tobey and kosmo on a doggy playdate at the park. we figured since they had never met, the park would be good neutral ground for them to first meet. to my surprise, tobey was very well-mannered when he met kosmo! he didn't even bark at him like he usually does with other dogs! we took them on a little hike through the swamp park and i think they had a great time! afterwards, kosmo stopped by our house to meet my mom and played with tobey a little bit more.. and hit on tobey's girlfriend, gracie. i don't think tobey appreciated that too much, but he's happy to have a new friend! =]

after that josh and i went out for steak at longhorn and then back to his house for a little wii tennis.... i'm much better at wii bowling.

the rest of the weekend was fabulous! i'll share soon... =]

*picture taken on blackberry... sorry for the poor quality