"He's like a sasquatch... or an elephant!"


On Saturday evening {after our run} I went to B-Dubs with Josh and some of his friends to watch the UFC.

The blurry polaroid above is the only picture I have to show from the night, but it was a great time!

We were there with Josh's neighbors, Brian and Nikki, and one of their friends who was so quiet I don't even remember his name. And then there was another couple there - Adam & Tiffany - and one of Josh's friends that he works with named Dustin.

At one point Josh and I left to run {literally} across the street to Starbucks. Unfortunately, they had just closed. But luckily, there's also a Starbucks in the Bass Pro Shop, so we called to make sure they were still open and ran over there really quick. Actually, we drove this time. When we got back, everyone had informed us that they had planned a trip to Rome while we were gone and that we are all going in February. They might have been joking, but they seemed pretty serious & brought it back up a few times! haha! I would be totally game for going! I can already tell, after meeting these people just once, that a trip to Europe with them would be a pretty great time!

Josh's friends are hilarious and I had so much fun with them!! :)

"He's like a sasquatch... or an elephant! He's just BIG!" - Brian, describing one of the UFC fighters that he doesn't like.