Cupcake Butt

Mia waving

Hi everyone! Mia just wanted to pop & wave "hi!" She's been waving at everything lately... it's so adorable! Every time I go in and get her from her nap, she waves. She climbs onto the first stair of the stairway and waves. She waves while she's playing on the floor, and she waves from her high chair. She waves all the time. Cutest thing ever.

Also the cutest thing ever? Her cute little cupcake butt.

cupcake butt

I found these adorable pants this morning. They might be pajama pants, I don't know. But it doesn't really matter since we are just having a lounge day around Mia's house since her mommy is on a little business trip. I thought they were so stinkin' cute!

Also, isn't it cute how babies are curious & get into just about everything?

curious baby
curious baby

And then when they make a mess by dragging out all of the videos from the cabinet they just look at you like, "Who me?"

who me?

But they're so cute so you can't stay mad at them!


Well, I think the cute little cupcake butt is waking up from her nap...

Hope everyone is enjoying your Thursday!!! Find something cute today that makes you smile! =)