i don't know if this will become routine or not, but i liked it.

hello & good morning!

i know of at least a couple of people who read my blog that are interested in my work out routine & progress, & since i haven't written about it in awhile here's a little update for ya...

the picture to the right is what i look like at 6:45am after an hour long spinning class. HAWT i know.

anywho... it's not even 7:00 am yet and i've already worked out for an hour! no, this is not normal for me. usually i am good & asleep until at least 7:30, and that's only on days i have to be somewhere. otherwise you can safely add at least another hour and a half to that. i think that's the first time i've ever actually gotten up that early {4:45} and exercised. i can't believe i actually got myself up & out of bed at that hour, let alone dressed & out of the house. but i'm proud of myself for doing it! so anyway, i went to the spinning class from 5:30-6:30.

i liked the class, but i'm not gonna lie... after last night {i did spinning last night, too} i feel like someone gave me a swift kick in the butt. i think i'll hold off on going back to spinning for a couple days! =)

this week has been really good as far as exercising goes so far.... on monday i ran {which is really more like jogging} 5.5 miles {and yes, i did walk some of it, but the point is i went that far}, which was definitely the first time i've actually done that.... last night {tuesday} was my first spinning experience. well, that's not true... but it was the first one that i actually liked. i went once back in june sometime but for some reason this time it was completely different. then i did yoga right afterwards.. first time i've ever done 2 classes back to back. i actually liked it so much better after being already warmed up from spin class {& i ♥ yoga anyway.. crazy that spinning made me like it more!}

anyway... tonight i am planning on going to the group power class for the 1st time {weight training} and then yoga afterwards. i'm kicking my butt into shape!
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