little letters.

tobey drinking from the watering can

dear self,
let's try not to procrastinate as much from now on, ok?

dear scale at adam's house,
i think you were lying to me yesterday. i hope you were lying to me yesterday.

dear gym,
i'm sorry we didn't see eachother much last week. i will definitely fix that soon.

dear hips,
thanks for holding up for me during yoga yesterday. i know it was hard since we haven't done yoga in over a week. i owe you one. but could you possibly work on learning to move like the other hips in hip hop cardio class? thanks.

dear communication skills,
i guess i need to work on you some more. sometimes you come out all wrong.

dear peanut butter milkshakes,
you are my new favorite. and i don't care what anyone says, i think you're good for me because of all that protein in you.

dear adam,
i'm glad that we've gotten to hang out 2 weekends in a row. you're the best brother ever! i can't wait for our world tour.

dear girls who stole my stuff at holiday world,
i'm still mad at you.

dear mosquitos,
please quit biting me!! it's not pleasant and i don't like you.

dear sleep,
where were you last night? i hope we can spend more time together tonight. tossing & turning & gazing up at the ceiling is so boring.

dear tobey,
you are the cutest little dog ever! thanks for greeting me every morning and every afternoon when i get home. it just makes my day!

dear future,
i'm super excited about the recent doors that are cracking open for me. please don't let me pass them up.