{more wedding fun}

i know i already wrote a post about heather's wedding this weekend, but i seriously had such a fun time this weekend with my girls! sometimes i think the drama created by sororities is so silly, but it's also awesome when there is good sisterhood! yes, being in a sorority does add drama to your life, but it also adds a bunch of girls who are always there for you. once we are all reunited it is like no time has gone by at all! one of my favorite parts of heather's wedding was being reunited with the herd of black... we always wear black to a sorority sister's wedding. do other sororites do that? it's because we are "mourning the loss of a sister" as she goes off to be with her husband. kind of silly, i know. i wonder who came up with that... wearing black in the summertime is not fun.

anyway... here are some more pictures from the weekend that i stole off of facebook..


{me & alex putting our feet on molly because she hates feet... sisterly love right there}


HIGH ROLLAS! us and our hummer limo at the after party @ lynn's paradise cafe {the place of my 23rd birthday dinner}... haha i wish!