My KD twin is married!

me & rindi

One of my best friends from TN came in town this weekend!!! I love Rindi and I wish we lived closer to eachother. Rindi came for our sorority sister, Heather's wedding in a small town in Kentucky about 45 minutes from my house.

Before we left my mom had to take some pictures of us.

me & rindi

and our feet!


but she wouldn't let me take any of her... silly Mom!


... something about not having any make-up on or something.

Anyway, after a few snapshots we were off to Heather's wedding!

heather's wedding

The wedding was so beautiful and so cute! I say "cute" because it was... after Heather & Dustin were pronounced "Husband & Wife," they walked out to "I Feel Good!" {da na na na na na I knew that I would da na na na na...} and the bridal party did cute little dance numbers complete with sunglasses & piggy back rides. It was pretty awesome!

heather's reception

The reception was gorgeous and so much fun! The place was so nice the dee jay was hilarious!

cool dee jay

And the Best Man's speech was PRICELESS! Oh my goodness, SO FUNNY! I wish I would have gotten it on video:


I'm sure someone did though {like that lady in purple behind Heather} and now I'm on a mission to find out who she is and get a copy.

first dance

I was so happy to be there on Heather's special day! And it was also nice to see a lot of my TN friends that I haven't seen all summer!! They were happy to see me, too.

pat pat

especially Pat Pat.

me & pat pat

She really was. The first face was just for show. :)

katy & me

...and Katy...


...and Britt...

me, carrie, & rindi

...and Carrie, and of course Rindi...

me & rindi

And there were several others there that I was so happy to see but didn't get pictures with on my camera!

family :)

Heather is my "twin" in Kappa Delta. Isn't she a beautiful bride?! And Carrie is her "little"... this is our cute little family picture :) {we missed you, Big!!!}


I love this picture! I would love it more if weren't for that dang arm that got in the way! Oh well.


Congratulations, Heather & Dustin!!! :)

The wedding was so much fun and totally reiterated the fact that I wish I could combine Indiana and Tennessee. I miss all of my friends so much!!!