Pat is an IRON MAN!!!

Yesterday Josh's friend Pat participated in the Iron Man competition in Louisville... in case you don't know, that's...

2.4 mile swim
122 mile bike ride
26.2 mile run {a marathon!}
140.6 miles total, or in other words = CRAZY!!!

And he did it all with a busted shoulder! So he had to do the entire swim one-handed. Basically, what I'm trying to say is Pat rocks and therefore we had to be there to support him!


I was only there for the transition from swim to bike... but Pat rocked it! He finished the whole thing in 12 hours and something. Which is AWESOME! It was pretty inspiring being there and seeing all the competitors who had worked so hard to get there. Especially a blind guy... he was tethered to someone during the swim, and they had a tandem bike. And there were some elderly people competing.. I think I heard one guy was in his 70's. Gives me lots of inspiration to train & not give up on the 10k {which is only 6 miles...} coming up in November!

Congratulations, Pat! You're an IRON MAN!!!

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