Akron Roadrunner (Half) Marathon

Taking a quick study break! WOOHOO!

On Friday Josh and I left for the 6 hour drive to Akron, Ohio... Josh's friend Eric rode up there with us and clearly we were great entertainment for him:

exhilerating drive to akron

It was a very long & boring drive. We kept ourselves awake & entertained by watching 30 Rock in the car and drinking Starbucks.

We finally made it to Akron and went to the race expo. By the time that was over it was getting late, especially considering we had to get up at 4am. So we grabbed a quick dinner at Chili's and then went to bed. We were going to go to Macaroni Grill which I was so excited about because I've never been, but they had too long of a wait. :(

The next morning we caught the shuttle to the course and then it was time to run! I hung out with Eric's wife Katie and her friend Crystal {who drove up separately later} during the race. We ran around the course to take pictures of the guys.

start line
josh and eric

Josh & Eric right before the race started. Josh ran the half marathon {13.1 miles} and Eric did the full marathon {26.2 miles}

The race started so early that it wasn't even daylight yet! But we were so thankful that it didn't rain. The forecast called for a 40-60% chance of rain the whole morning, but luckily it held off.

josh at mile 2.6
josh is fast!

Josh around mile 2.6... look how fast he's going!


Around mile 10... only 3 miles to go!

josh at mile 10
josh at mile 10
marathon guys
marathon guys

Eric is less than half way done at this point, but still 10 miles into it and having a conversation with these guys! The girls and I decided that if you can have a conversation after running 10 miles, you're not running fast enough! We would be dying!!!

josh at the finish line


Josh beat his time from last weekend by 3 minutes! His goal was 1:32 and he did it in 1:31:03 and came in 7th for his age division!!!!! His pace was 6:56... which is ridiculous! ;)

wheelchair finish

This guy did a WHOLE marathon in a wheelchair and his time was amazing! Most of the people in the wheelchairs had cranks to help them, but he turned the wheels with his arms the whole time! I couldn't even do a marathon using my legs and he did it with his ARMS!

eric at the finish line

Eric finished in 3 hours and 26 minutes!!!! That would have taken me all day!

guys and beer
josh and me
josh and roadrunner
josh and roadrunner
akron marathon signs
josh and me
run the bird

.....and then we had the amazing drive home. We were all looking forward to it so much. Not.

On the way home Josh and I tried to stop at my family reunion, but we couldn't find it {and neither could Mapquest, GPS, or Google Maps because it was in the middle of nowhere!} and none of my family got reception so we couldn't even call for directions.

I finally got ahold of my brother Adam {who wasn't at the family reunion}, and luckily his house was on the way home. So we stopped and got to hang out with him and Amanda for a little bit which was a very welcomed break from sitting in the car! Bonus: he gave us back adjustments! Thanks Adam!! :)

I mentioned earlier that I am registered for my first 5K run! It's the Down Syndrome of Louisville run and it's Saturday morning. I'm kind of nervous, but excited! Hopefully I'll be able to run the whole 3 miles, or at least most of it. The past 2 days I have been running 2 miles, so one more mile shouldn't be too difficult, right? Let's hope so! My coach has me on a strict training schedule this week, so hopefully I can add in that extra mile this week! Wish me luck!

Saturday should be fun... I have the run...and Adam and Amanda are coming in town and we're all going to go to the Macaroni Grill! And it's Shelly's babies' birthday party, which I can hopefully stop by for a little bit! Can't wait for this weekend! But unfortunately it's only Monday and I have to get through an exam and a quiz first.... so I better get back to studying! :)

Happy Monday!! =)

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