does anyone know what time it is? where are we?

On Saturday Josh got a text from his friend, also named Josh, asking if we'd like to go tubing with him & some friends on Sunday. So Josh and I thought he meant tubing, as in behind a boat. A few hours later we find out he actually meant tubing at a little slower speed... more like the lazy river at Holiday World... floating down the river in plastic tire tubes.

The only problem? We don't have tubes and it's the end of the season so most stores are sold out. The only other problem? It's the middle of September so the water is sure to be freezing.

But of course, we went anyway because we're always up for an adventure! Plus, why not try to hang on to summer as long as possible? So on the way to meet the other Josh and the rest of the group, we go off in search of some tubes. Wal-Mart, Meijer, and Target don't have any so we were on our way to Dick's Sporting Goods when we pulled into K-Mart on a whim.


They have tons! $90 later we are stocked up on tubes and ready to go! I'm sure the sales people thought we were nuts buying about 10 tubes when the leaves are beginning to fall but whatever. :)

how many josh's does it take?

How many Josh's does it take to blow up the tubes?

josh blowing up tubes

Once we met up with the group, we realize that someone {the other Josh} forgot the floating cooler. Solution? Give the HUGE non-floating cooler one of our best rafts. Problem solved.

cooler contraption

This is what a perfect Sunday consists of...

me and josh
danielle and josh
our tube rocks
our awesome tube

Our tube was definitely the coolest... it had 2 seats AND a cooler in the middle for our Subway sandwiches!

tube head
sun through the trees
4 tubers

After awhile, we all start to get a little chilly and realize that we have no idea what time it is or where we really are. For some reason, it was taking forever to float down the river. So [the other] Josh and Danielle get out and go exploring...

rafters through the trees

They found this house, just in case we got stranded and needed something like a roof over our heads for the night. When we realized that won't work, they decided to climb the huge muddy hill up to the highway and hitchhike a ride back to our cars.


Josh and I followed, but didn't get to see what type of vehicle Josh and Danielle got picked up by, so we were hoping they didn't get picked up by a serial killer.

So yes, we climbed a huge muddy hill in our bathing suits, barefoot, and sat on the side of the highway waiting for them to come back.

I can safely say I have never done that before.

Luckily, they made it back alive! It ended up being a good decision because the sun was fading fast and we still had a long way to go. And we were so cold!!! We could have been in the water for another 3 hours for all we knew.

Then we had to deflate our tubes and pack them into the Jeep... the process was definitely entertaining for anyone who drove by...

josh deflating tubes
danielle on the side of the road
deflating tubes

Packed full & ready to go! Oh hey! We packed a Josh...
packed and ready
the girls
when yoga comes in handy

Good thing Josh has been taking those yoga classes.. the flexibility he has gained let him squeeze into the back of the Jeep on the way back to the rest of the cars.

dirty feet
strike a pose
josh and me

I had so much fun tubing... even though it was a totally different type of tubing than I was originally expecting! I love fun little adventures like this... days that turn out totally unexpected, but even better than you planned. Life is all about being spontaneous!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!