labor day weekend.


hi hi hi!

Sorry I have been a little M.I.A.
I've had a ton of stuff going on lately, with school on top of all of that.
But more on that later..

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend...
Mine was pretty packed & awesome!
I had a lot more planned than I actually got to do..
but everything we were able to fit in was wonderful!

josh and me

My weekend started off on Friday when I went to Maidos with Josh for sushi with some of his co-workers.
{I am getting a little spoiled... Josh picked me up from the gym on Thursday night and we got sushi then too... so I had it 2 days in a row!}
But anyway. So we had dinner with 4 of his co-workers on a cute little patio outside.
Good food, outside, with fun people... equals a great evening!
Then we went to a little hole-in-the-wall place and played putt putt!
I don't think I've played putt putt in years but it was fun!

After all of that we changed clothes and went out to Prime with a couple of Josh's neighbors.
It was a cool place and we had a great time!
So far I think Josh has introduced me to a million cool people and I like all of them!

And I'm kind of sad that the picture of us above is the only picture I have from the whole night on Friday.

On Saturday, we were going to go to Josh's family farm, but we ended up running all over town instead.
But we made it to the farm on Sunday {more on that later!}
I don't even remember why we ran all over town now.
I just remember going to Target, Sams Club, Wal-Mart, and Kroger... and some of them twice.
And we stopped in the mattress store just to lay on the Tempurpedic beds, and Josh ended up buying a new mattress.
Then we went to one of Josh's friends house for a little cook-out for his 200 mile relay team.
A 200 mile relay. Isn't that crazy?! It's coming up in October...
After he does 2 half-marathons 6 days apart.
Phew! I am tired just thinking about all of that running.


In other news, we are dog-sitting Pete for a couple weeks while Dan is out of town.
It's nice having a big dog in the house.
Even if he is a bigger baby than Tobey.

Farm post coming soon! =]