Our day at the farm...


I spent most of Sunday at the lake {above} with Josh & his parents.
We played with the dogs in the water, went 4-wheeling, loaded fire wood, went fishing, went for a walk, and just enjoyed a peaceful Sunday afternoon in the middle of no where.
Josh was also going to let me shoot his gun, but his dad wanted to "watch the wildlife" so we had to be quiet... haha :)

playing fetch with the dogs

We threw the stick into the water for Kosmo and Jake {Josh's parents' golden lab}
But what typically happened was Kosmo would stop at the shore because he didn't want to get wet and let Jake do all the hard work.
Once Jake made it back to land with the stick, Kosmo would steal it.

jake waiting for the stick
jake swimming
jake and kosmo playing fetch kosmo

Then we went fishing!
Josh was like a pro!
...but I mean, so was I.
Check out that picture of me and my fish! :)

i caught one!
josh fishing
josh is a pro!
fish mouth
by the lake
through the eye

Caught this one through the eye!!!
{don't worry, he was okay}

us by the lake

Josh's mom: "Do you want to pose with the fishing pole?"
Josh: "No."
Josh's mom: "Well, I'm the photographer, so you have to pose with the fishing pole. It's an excellent prop!"
Josh: "Well, then she's [me] going to hold it."

hehehe.. Josh's mom is cute!

lakeyellow jacket
fruit on tree clouds

...and we ended our trip to the farm with dinner that was grilled over the fire. Delicious!
The only thing that would have made our trip better was if I had gotten to shoot the gun.
For some reason I was really excited about that.. haha! Maybe next time...

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