Philadelphia Half Marathon

The race was on Sunday. We got there on Friday evening, and did some sightseeing on Saturday... which I'll write about later. Mostly because a lot of the pictures from Saturday are on Josh's camera and I haven't gotten them yet.

So... on to the reason we went to Philadelphia in the first place: the half marathon. 13.1 miles!

We walked down to the race early {like 6:30am} and scoped out a couple places for me to get some good pictures. I thought it would be a lot more crowded along the course, but I guess either people didn't know the course route or everyone chose to stay at the finish line. Instead of waiting at the finish line {because we knew it would be next to impossible to get good pictures there} I started off at around mile 4, and then went to around mile 12... then met Josh at the finish once he was done.

game facecorral

Josh was in the 3rd corral which meant he was in the top 3,000 fastest people... or something like that. Out of over 18,000 people that's pretty awesome!

distance runjosh at mile 4

I was so nervous that I wouldn't be able to spot Josh {I'd never been to one of these before and I was just imagining all 18,000 people running in a huge herd with a million people in the crowd all trying to see someone} so I told him he had to wear a bright colored shirt so I could spot him more easily. I told him he should wear orange - because, really, who else is going to be wearing orange - but it just so happens that the shirts the race gave out were orange. So LOTS of people were wearing orange. Luckily, he brought a back-up bright green shirt. Several people were also wearing green, but like I said there weren't too many people along the course so I had no trouble finding him!

ryan hall

I also had no trouble finding Ryan Hall. But that's probably because he was way ahead of everyone else. He's an olympic marathon runner, and has a personal record of running a half marathon in under an hour. That is just crazy!!! I think he ran the one on Sunday in an hour and 1 minute.

josh at mile 12josh at mile 12

Josh around mile 12. Almost there!!!

He ended with a time of 1:34:08... he beat his goal of 1 hour and 36 minutes! I was so proud! =)

josh at the finish
at the finish