weekend in akron.


we went to akron, ohio this weekend for another half marathon.
yes, josh is crazy and ran 2 half marathons in 6 days.
but he did awesome and i was so proud!
he came in 7th for his age group!!!

josh's friend eric also rode up with us and did the whole marathon.
pretty awesome! anyone who can run 26.2 miles deserves a huge ice cream cake.
at least that's what i would want.

i'll post more pictures later. i'm so behind on blogging.
stupid school.
but we had a great time, the guys did awesome, and i even got to see my brother!
oh, and i'm signed up for my first 5K run! AHHH! i'll tell you all about it after i study...
must study... ughh...

hope your weekend was awesome! =)