200 miles later..

the bourbon chase

On Friday night I took a little drive to Bardstown, KY with Josh and Pat. You may remember Pat as an Iron Man. Anyway, they were meeting up with their team of 12 runners to do the Bourbon Chase Relay, a 200 mile relay through KY.

What was interesting about the relay was that they wanted all the teams to cross the finish line at about the same time, so all the teams started at different times throughout the day, depending on their speed. Some teams started early Friday morning... Josh's team didn't start until 6:30pm.. so some teams had a 10-12 hour headstart on them!!

I had to drop the guys off at the Maker's Mark distillery in Bardstown by 10pm. Well, let me just tell you that I don't know how anyone finds that place... especially if they are drinking! It's in the middle of NOWHERE! We drove down so many dark, winding roads and all I could think of was How in the world am I going to find my way home from here BY MYSELF?! It was seriously like a bad horror movie... no cell phone service, there were no gas stations around, it was dark, and just to add to it - raining! So I was basically screwed if I got totally lost or ran out of gas! Luckily, I eventually made it home alive! :)

The next day I went back to the finish line with Pat's wife... and luckily this time I was just along for the ride! :)

We met up at the finish line with the first 6 runners on the team and some of their families. Katie {Eric's wife.. you may remember him from Akron} brought their new puppy Riley! He was precious and almost made me want a puppy! {until I remembered how much work they are!}


While we waited for the rest of the team, Pat's son Justin kept us entertained.

justin conducting
justin climbing

And then Josh showed up, and clearly you could tell he hadn't slept in almost 48 hours ;-)

josh needs sleep

Just kidding, Josh! :)

crossing the finish

Finally they announced that the team was coming in! Pat was the last runner, but the team crossed the finish line with him! My favorite is Eric in the background with no shoes on! haha :)

crossing the finish
josh and pat pat

They ended up coming in 4th over all out of 152 teams, and won their age division!!! Way to go, guys!!!! {& girls!!} :)

josh and me

Man, I look tired and I didn't even run the relay!

runnin' on bourbon

Then they all got together for a group picture, and I'm not sure, but just by looking at Pat's face, I think running makes people go crazy...

bats racing team
bats racing team

Did you catch that?

crazy pat

Maybe I should re-think this whole running thing? :)

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