adam and amanda

On Saturday after the race, my brother Adam and his girlfriend Amanda came down to visit! It was so much fun to see them!!! Especially down in J-ville.. usually when I see them I'm up in their neck of the woods.

First, we all met up with my mom and Dan for a delicious dinner at Bucca di Beppo.. which we later found out means "Joe's Basement" in Italian. It's a neat restaurant that I'd never been to before. {I was still pushing for the Macaroni Grill since we didn't make it last weekend, but their first available reservation was at 8:30}. Anyway.. instead of everyone ordering their own dish, you just order 2 or 3 huge dishes and everyone shares. You should have seen how indecisive we all were! But we ended up going with chicken parmesan, some type of penne pasta, and a FABULOUS spinach salad! {FABULOUS was the word of the night!} The food was delicious, and we even got some gelato for dessert!!! Oh, how I miss gelato. Let's go back to Italy. Please and thank you.

Afterwards we came back to Josh's house, had a little photo shoot, and played a little Mad Gab. This is the craziness that ensued...

mand-e and lynn-e
me and adam
mand-e and kosmo
sexy and seductive
josh and me
funny faces
abusive amanda
huh vanna cue bah
mad gab

Josh and I were the champs of Mad Gab.. we won 2 out of 3! The highlight of the game was definitely Amanda's card.. "Huh Vanna Cue Bah".... "HUH?! What is that?! Is that a place!?" haha! I love my Mand-e! =]

It was such a great day.
I am so lucky to have such great friends & family.
I love them. =]

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