HMTU {half marathon training update}


If you don't care about my running progress, feel free to skip this post. I'm going to try to write one of these every once in awhile, mostly just for myself so I can track my progress and see how far I've come.

I'm on week 2 of speed, tempo, and distance runs {distance run is tomorrow though}

At the moment I like speed running day the best. Josh says that'll change soon. Right now I like it because I have more speed than I have endurance... hopefully I'll eventually have more endurance than speed. And my distance for "fast" running is only a quarter of a mile. I'm definitely not looking forward to it when my speed runs are more like Josh's... super fast for like 2 miles. But for now they're good.

Tempo runs are my least favorite I think... but yesterday's was awesome! I did a total of 3.2 miles... 1 mile at a normal pace, 1.2 miles at a faster pace, and then 1 more mile at normal pace. Today I was so proud of myself because I was able to do all of it without stopping to walk AT ALL! Not even for a second! And I was consistant with my pace... I stuck with my "faster" pace the whole time... didn't get slower! So far, I've never done that before :)

Then, last night Josh and I went running again. He took me on the 2.4 mile loop around the gym, which included running on busy streets. That in itself is crazy for me because it wasn't too long ago that I wasn't even comfortable running through my neighborhood. Never would have thought I'd ever run on a busy street! I also can't believe I just went out and ran 2.4 miles for "fun" and I loved it. It was fun! I like running with Josh - even though I feel bad because I'm so much slower than he is and I feel like I'm holding him back. A month ago I could barely run a mile and a half, and yesterday I ran 3.2 miles, then 2.4 miles. And I just went out and did it... I'm so proud of myself!

Josh said I'll be seeing a lot of progress soon. I mean, I already am, but he said soon it will be a lot easier for me to cover a lot more distance, and I'll start naturally getting faster.

I just loved yesterday! It's almost getting to the point where I like running... everyone said it would happen and I didn't believe them... but I suppose they are right :)

"Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up."