it was a chili kind of weekend.

...not a race & pumpkin patch weekend like I thought it might be. But it was still wonderful! :)

My brothers and their families decided not to come down to go to the pumpkin patch because they all had a lot going on.... which probably worked out for the best considering this weekend was cold, and Saturday was the first day in 2 or 3 days that it hadn't rained, so I'm sure the pumpkin patch was pretty muddy and gross. I also didn't do the 4 mile race because Josh hurt his foot, so he didn't do it, and I haven't quite worked up to 4 miles yet, so we decided to hold off on that one.

So instead, we saw 2 movies {Law Abiding Citizen and Zombieland}, made pancakes for breakfast, ran errands, hung out with my mom and then Josh's parents & delivered them all some of our delicious pumpkin pie, did some grocery shopping, and made chili. {we also volunteered at the Louisville Marathon on Sunday, but more on that later}.


Last time we made chili it was delicious, so we decided to do it again! This time we didn't really follow a recipe, we just kind of loosely used what we remembered from last time and added in our own stuff. That's kind of what we've been doing when we cook - just loosely follow recipes and wing it. It usually turns out pretty well.


And it did again this time! Minus the fact that our pot was way too small and we ended up making a huge mess...