My first 5K!

before the race

This whole running thing is probably the most challenging thing I have ever put myself up to, but I like it.... and I can't wait to keep going!

Josh is the best coach ever because he ran with me the whole time. He definitely could have won the entire race {which is crazy because the winning guy did it in like 21 minutes.. which seems super fast to me! But Josh's 5K time is like 19 minutes!!} but he stayed with me! :)

off we go!

Off we go! Only 3.1 miles to go!!!! So glad my mom was there to take pictures of us... and that nice man running next to us who smiled, too :)

almost done
running to the finish

Coming down the home stretch... almost there!!!!

finish line
finish line!

I DID IT!!!!!!!

chick fil a cow

Afterwards we walked around a little bit to check out all the stuff they were offering.. like Krispy Kremes! And of course, since Josh and I had our first "date" at Chick Fil A and usually eat it at least twice a week, we had to have our picture taken with the CFA cow when we saw him there. It was funny because when we were standing next to him he said, "I can't see anything!".... I've never had one of those things talk to me before!

Anyway, my goal for the 5K was to do it in 35 minutes... well actually, that was Josh's goal for me. MY goal was to do it under 45 minutes... I KNEW I could do that :) Anyway, my usual pace is 11:30/mile... Josh wanted me to do it at an 11:00min pace. Keeping in mind that I'd only been training for 3 weeks and that I'd never even actually ran 3 miles at once before the race, I thought he was crazy!!! I always think he over-estimates me, when really I probably just always under-estimate myself..

I ended up finishing with a time of 32:14, which was a 10:30 pace! A whole minute faster per mile than I usually go! I was pretty impressed/shocked!

yes, I realize that's slow but....

penguin shirt

Down Syndrome of Louisville 5K
October 3, 2009

Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 32:14 / 10:30 pace

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