We carved ourselves some pumpkins {part 1}

kosmo and pumpkins

Sorry all of my posts have been about food and running lately... can you tell what my life mostly consists of right now? cooking, running & school. I could write about school too, but really.. who wants to hear about that? It's not very exciting, I promise.

josh getting the pumpkins

Anyway, eating and running isn't all I do. On Monday Josh and I carved pumpkins! Well, we started to carve them. We got interrupted and had to rescue a friend with a dead car at McDonald's and by the time we got back and ate dinner it was pretty late. We almost just held off again, but we've been trying to carve these pumpkins for a couple weeks now, so we wanted to at least get started! We really only had time to carve out the lid of the pumpkins and scoop out all the guts... but hey, at least it's a start.

pumpkin carving kit
pumpkin guts
josh scooping guts

I forgot how much work carving pumpkins is!

part 2 coming soon {hopefully!}