4 year old

Somebody {with a mouthful of candy!} turned 4 last week! So, in honor, we celebrated with a Transformers party in Josh's basement!

happy birthday
presents!party hats

Gage and his friends enjoyed a first course party meal of PIZZA!

eating pizza

Then a 2nd course of CAKE!

transformer cake

I think Gage loved having us all sing "Happy Birthday" to him!

singing happy birthday
blowing out candles
eating cake

I think he also loved his cake!

cake face

And so did little sister {who gave me a kiss right after this picture was taken...} :)

mo mo cake face

What's better to wash down cake {& ice cream!} than CANDY!

candy everywhere!
gage and morgan with candy tom

It could explain why they were all so hyper! Maybe?

gage and balloon

They did sit still long enough for Gage to open his presents though.


...some of which not only entertained the youngest, but also the older generations :)

boys and toys

Doesn't that look fun? Too bad it was missing some pieces and has to be exchanged!

birthday boy

I think Gage had a blast at his party! It must be fun being 4! It's not quite as much fun turning 23.... :)

Happy Birthday, Gage!