Carrots only, please.

On Friday the weather was really nice so Shelly and I loaded up her kiddos and took them to Henry's Ark.

3 kids in the car

It's a cute little petting zoo and it's run totally on donations.

carrots only

Donations of money and carrots. :)


We were greeted in the parking lot by this peacock.

There were some animals just running around freely and some of them were behind a fence.

goat waiting for carrots
feeding the goat
ian petting the goat

Little brother even got in on the goat action.

Then we saw some deer.

emma feeding deer
emma feeding deer
please don't

And then it was ATTACK OF THE DONKEYS!!! I assume they post the sign above because people may be tempted to throw rocks at the donkeys.


There were 3 donkeys just roaming around and they just totally bombarded us! They wanted carrots and they wanted them NOW. One of them even ripped a hole in our carrot bag.

abby and donkey
feeding the donkeys
attack of the donkeys

Luckily Shelly's kids aren't scared of the animals. Especially Ian. The donkeys just totally disreguarded poor little Ian in order to get to that carrot bag! If I was that small and something that big {and stinky!} was right up in my face I'd probably be screaming. He just seems totally oblivious.

me and donkeys

Next up: elk.

abby and the elk
feeding the elk

I feel like Emma isn't in many of these pictures. She was so worried about "going to feed the animals" on the way there, but once we got there she decided she was tired and wanted to be held. Abby ran right up to them all though.

Even scary looking emus.

abby walking towards emus
abby and the emus

Seriously, would you run straight up to something that looked at you like this?

scary emu

I guess when you're 2 it doesn't matter :)

They even had zebras there!

zebra mouth

And a porcupine. I'm not sure if I've ever actually seen a real porcupine before, so I tried to take a picture of it. It was positioned behind this big fence post though so this was all I could get...


There were even some chickens just running around like they had their cuts off...


Abby went after those, too.

cat's meow

Then it was time to leave... we had to make our way through the donkeys again. Ian was thrilled.

ianbye bye donkey
get me outta here

Poor little guy. I'm sure he's thinking "get me outta here!"

bye emu

One of the emus followed us out to the parking lot. It even tried to hop in the van!

shelly and kids

Before we left I tried to snap a good picture of Shelly and the kids, since she's usually taking pictures of them and never gets to be in any with them. However, getting a 3 year old, 2 year old, and 1 year old to all look in the same direction is harder than it sounds.

shelly, kids, and donkey

And the donkeys didn't cooperate either!

Luckily I actually got a good one once we got back to her house!

shelly and kids

So cute!

Thanks for taking me to the petting zoo, Shelly! Your babies are so much fun!! :)

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