a little running update AKA ZOMG*#*$&H when is my knee going to get better?!

running injury

The weather has been unseasonably warm around here lately and normally I would wish that it'd be cooler so it'd feel more like fall, but right now I'm loving it because warm weather = excellent running weather! Which is why I am even more bummed about my stupid knee injury! According to our weather man, this will probably be the last nice weekend until March :(

Since last Thursday when I hurt my knee, I've run twice. As I already said, I did my speed run on Monday, but that's when it got really bad so I didn't run for the rest of the week... until Friday. On Friday it was feeling a lot better so I thought I could take it easy with a small jog.. I figured I could do at least a mile, but apparently that wasn't a good idea. I made it through the mile, but my knee started hurting really bad again afterwards.

This totally stinks, because I was feeling so good about myself and running last week and this week I just feel trapped. UGH. I WANT TO GO RUN SO BAD.

So I guess my current plan is to just try and take it easy again. I'm hoping it gets better enough so that I can go to the gym this week. This whole not exercising thing is NO FUN.

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome {what I have diagnosed myself with} sucks!!!