nervous nervous nervous

I have finally...after 2 weeks off... been able to run a little bit since I hurt my knee. On Monday I walked/jogged a half mile, then ran a mile, then walked/jogged another half mile {for a total of 2 miles for you math geniuses..}
Today I walked/jogged a half mile, then ran 2 miles, then walked/jogged another half mile. It was slower than normal, and still a tad bit uncomfortable, but I am just glad I can get back out there and do it now without feeling like my knee cap is going to explode!

I am hoping to be able to work up to 5 miles by next week so I can do the Thanksgiving 5 Miler. The most I've ever run so far is 4.12 miles {the day I hurt myself, ahem} so I hope I can do it! I know I can always walk some if I have to... but what's the fun in that? :)

We'll see how it goes!

Also, I really like this tech shirt and I am thinking about buying it for myself as a race gift. I think it's awesome... Slow is the new fast.... and I'm totally rockin' the slow :)