One More Mile

If anyone needs running clothes, I highly recommend One More Mile Running Apparel! Their clothes are super cute, funny, AND good quality! {this is also where I got my penguin running shirt!!}

Anyway, I ordered my new running shirt last Thursday, they shipped it on Friday, and it got here today! Not only was it super fast shipping... look how it came in the mail:


It was like a present! And it's not even my birthday!! Or Christmas. How exciting!!! Ribbons make my day :)

On that note, the Thanksgiving 5 mile race is TOO SOON. I am so slow since I hurt my knee - don't know why, but I am! ugh. It's kind of discouraging. Josh took me running hobbling along on the race course this weekend {he ran it, I basically crawled it}.. so at least now I kind of know what to expect. EXCEPT? It's supposed to SNOW. And guess what else? I am totally inexperienced with running in any type of weather that is below 49 degrees. And I've only run in the rain once. Snow? Never. So... Thursday morning will be interesting... lots of totally new experiences:

  • 5 miles, which I've never done all at once {no, this weekend doesn't count. I walked a lot and took like a 32 minute potty break at the park...}
  • cold weather....brrr
  • SNOW
  • still have a semi-bad knee
  • don't even have cold weather running clothes!

I ran my first 5K without ever having actually ran 3 miles...and even though it went fine, after that I told myself I wanted to be totally prepared for any other race I do. Oh well. Maybe being un-prepared will be my "race day thing"? Ok, not as long as I can help it {note to self: no more knee injuries, please.}

But maybe I'll surprise myself. Maybe it will be the best thing ever.

Maybe. Maybe not. My goal is just to finish the dang thing in less than an hour. I am 99.999% sure I can do that :)

Either way, it'll be fun and at least it'll help burn off about 500 calories before I consume 4,000 at Thanksgiving dinner!!!

This post was not sponsored by One More Mile, however if they would like to send me free stuff I would be all for it! :)