Since Josh is in Malaysia...

I dognapped The Kosmo:


And I'm not sure that I will give him back :)

He is good for taking up your whole bed snuggling, wiggle-dancing when you get home {much more quietly than Tobey}, and destroying toys:


The picture on the left was taken about 30 minutes after Kosmo started playing with the monkey, and the one on the right was taken a couple days later after he officially decapitated the poor monkey. Tobey has never really been into tearing up stuff, so coming home to stuffing all over the living room is a new experience for me.... funny stuff!! I love the Kosmo and we've had a fun few days!

In other news, I also made sweet potato chips.

sweet potato chips

They are delicious! I don't think I cut them thin enough or cooked them quite long enough, but they were still yummy!!!! I am definitely going to have to perfect this recipe because they are a great alternative to regular potato chips and are an excellent healthy snack.

I also made a not-quite-as-healthy-snack of Mouse cookies the other day. It was my way of drowning out my sorrows of not being able to run or go to the gym. Because that makes sense, right? I couldn't exercise so I might as well eat cookies! :)

On a related note, I finally did go back to the gym and I think my knee is FINALLY getting better! I can still feel it, but it's not as painful as it has been. Now I just have 13 days to work myself back up to 5 miles for the Thanksgiving 5 mile race.... wish me luck!! I hope I come out of it with both knee caps!
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