Check out my snazzy new running shirt... and meet Gertie!!!

new running shirt

After Christmas I should be all set on cold-weather running clothes! I got this cool Asics Thermopolis running shirt from Josh. He has one just like it. Only a bigger size and a different color. It's really soft and it even has holes for your thumbs {oops sorry that's not in focus, but you still get the idea...}

new running shirt

I love it!.... however, it's not a good idea to run in just it {well, and pants!} on a cold, windy, December day.

Trust me, I found this out the hard way.

Sometime last week Josh had talked me into running the Hangover Classic 10 mile race on New Year's Day {but now we're not doing it.. more on that later}. So on Sunday we both went out to do our long runs - his was 13 miles, mine was bumped up to 6.5, and he was just going to run the loop twice}. So anyway, we parked the truck and got ready to go. For some insane reason at the last minute I decided not to wear my gloves. My "logic" was that I usually take them off about a mile in anyway, so I figured I'd just suffer through that first mile until I warmed up. For some, also insane, reason I didn't wear a jacket or an extra top layer of any kind either. Apparently I didn't check the weather channel. Well, actually, I know I didn't check the weather. But I figured Josh did and I wore the same thing as him. Plus the thermostat in the truck said the outside temp was 43 degrees.


Not only was it cold {I'm not sure what the temperature was, but it HAD to be lower than 43}, it was also WINDY. Like, really windy. Within the first half mile I decided I was super miserable. It was hard to breathe, my lungs were hurting from the cold air, and I couldn't feel my fingers. The loop takes you right by Target, so I reasoned with myself and decided if I was still that miserable by the time I got to Target I would just go inside.

Once I got to Target I was feeling a little better. Shortly after that I met up with Josh in the park as he was looping back around, but his knee was hurting pretty bad and I was still freezing so we stopped and walked. Unfortunately, we were still over a mile from the truck so it was almost just easier to run than walk just to get out of the cold faster. I'm pretty sure my total distance was not 6.5...I think it was closer to 5.5 and I didn't run all of it, but what can you do?


As I mentioned, I'm no longer doing the Hangover Classic. Since Josh hurt his knee, he can't run it with me, and I don't know that I'm ready to tackle 10 miles all by myself yet. Part of me wants to try it because I was pretty excited about it and it would be a huge challenge for me and it would also make me feel a lot better about the half marathon if I could actually run 10 miles, plus I can do it for free, but I also don't want to set myself up for failure. And if the weather is anything like it was on Sunday.... no, thank you. So I'm not sure...but I probably won't do it.

So, as of now, my next race is a 5k on January 16th!

In related news....

For Christmas Josh got me a new running buddy!! AKA the one thing runners want most... a Garmin! He got me the 205, so now I can finally give Dustin back his even though he doesn't even run. At least my calorie count will be more accurate now, considering my Garmin won't think I'm a 300 pound man. Unfortunately this means my calorie count will actually be less. Shucks.

Anywho, I name pretty much everything, so of course I have to name my new running buddy since I have a feeling we will be spending quite a bit of time together, especially come spring. I am thinking Gertrude. Gertrude the Garmin, Gertie for short.

I realize that it's blue and therefore perhaps a little more masculine than a "Gertie," but she's my Garmin so just deal. :)

Thanks, Josh! I think Gertie and I will be great friends!!!