Four Christmases {part 2}

{continued from Four Christmases part 1}

For those of you that were concerned, I felt much better Christmas morning and managed to go about the day as planned {even if it was on about 4 hours of non-consecutive sleep}. I didn't feel 100% great, but I did feel a lot better. I skipped Christmas breakfast with Josh's family - the eggs, bacon, biscuits & gravy, and waffles looked delicious, but I opted for my regular bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.

christmas kosmo

On Christmas morning we exchanged gifts with the rest of Josh's family before heading north for Christmas with my family.

First I got to open a special box.... I wonder what's inside?! {Kosmo looks nervous..}

penguin in a box
penguin in a box


penguin in a box

Don't worry, Kosmo, it's just a penguin! Watch out, the lid might get ya on the head though...

When kids are involved it seems like the Christmas Tornado rips through within about 2 minutes of opening presents..

living room disaster
gage opening presents
morgan and presents
morgan running

Nothing like being a kid on Christmas morning!

Then we went to North Vernon for Christmas with my family...

lovely hosts

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Richard were wonderful hosts {as always!!}

After lunch we opened presents.

mom's excited about her presents!

And Gabi talked on the phone....

gabi on the phone

to Eric...

eric on the phone

And played with my new penguin..

gabrielle and the penguin

And gave everyone hugs when it was time for her to go take her nap.

gabi & eric

What a little cutie! Can't wait to meet her little brother in April!

eric & jamie

Aww... Eric and Jamie's first Christmas as a married couple!

me & josh
me & the brothers

Time for dessert and games!

aunt kathy
brad & mom
the eric face

We played Apples to Apples {I won!} and Loaded Questions... which is a game to see how much you know the people you're playing with. Ironically, Josh won. He won a game about knowing a bunch of people he doesn't know. I guess he fits in pretty well!

apples to apples
merry christmas
family :o)

I am so lucky to have these people in my life. I had such a wonderful Christmas Day {despite not feeling 100% great}. This year I can honestly say that I was looking more and more forward to Christmas instead of dreading it. It's been hard since my Dad passed away and the last day that I saw him was on Christmas day {in 2000}. It's kind of made the holidays hard the past several years, but this year it was different. I still miss him so much and wish he was here and I'm sure that will never go away, but I am glad that I am beginning to love Christmas again! :o)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and got to spend it with people you love!

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