My Running Complex

Sometimes I don't know what is wrong with me.

Allow me to explain.


Yesterday I ran 4.5 miles with Josh at a consistant 10:26 pace... and on one hand that makes me super excited because I've never run that pace consistantly for that long. In fact, I'm usually not very consistant at all.. I always get sloooower. I ran the Thanksgiving 5 miler at an 11:00 pace, and if I had done 5 miles yesterday I would have taken about 2-3 minutes off my time, which is awesome! But on the other hand, I think "Why aren't I faster? Why can't I run longer distances like 8, 9, 10 miles? Why am I the slowest runner I know?? WHY AM I NOT BETTER?"

I don't even know why I do it, because last Sunday I ran 4.5 miles and I felt SO good about myself! And I know I didn't run it at a 10:26 pace. So this Sunday's run was even better! So I don't know what was different about this Sunday's run that made me feel like it wasn't good enough?

Anyway, I do feel better now. My coach {Josh} gave me a good little pep talk and helped me realize that I JUST started running, I AM getting faster, and I'm NOT slow. I just have to remember that I just started running in September, and most of the runners I know have been running for years, so I can't compare myself to them!

"Frustration is the first step toward improvement. I have no incentive to improve if I'm content with what I can do. It's only when I face frustration and use it to fuel my dedication that I feel myself moving forward." -John "the Penguin" Bingham