O Christmas tree! O Christmas tree!

Christmas tree

Last night after I got done at the gym, Josh surprised me and had the Christmas tree up! He waited for me to decorate it though! :)

draft cider

While we decorated it, we enjoyed some delicious Woodchuck Draft Cider, which is the only type of beer I've ever tasted that I actually liked and didn't make a horrible face after drinking. Probably because it's made from apples. :)


We tried to have a little photo shoot with Kosmo, but he kept getting camera shy so most of the pictures turned out like this:

shy kosmo

Cute little Kosmo! Isn't he adorable?

Josh put the star on the top of the tree..

josh putting up the star

But it wasn't really cooperating.

putting up the star

And this is how it ended up...

limp star


Christmas tree

Oh well, I still think it's pretty even if the star is droopy! And if you look closely, there are only 2 red ornaments...

reindeer romp ornament

They're from the Reindeer Romp race we did last weekend.

tree and stockings

Woohoo! Now it's a little more festive around Josh's house!

josh, me, & tree

Only 9 days til Christmas!!! :o)