Running in the Cold & Hot Cappucino


It's COLD outside!

When you look out the window and this is what you see, it's not very inviting for a run. It feels even worse than it looks. At least to me. Josh, on the other hand, is still running in shorts because he's crazy. Due to said coldness, this week I've done 2 of my runs at the gym. I'm not a big fan of running on the treadmill, but I'm getting used to it..sort of. I've been running in the cardio theater which is nicer than just running on a treadmill {as long as the movie they're playing is good} because it's darker in there and loud... which for some reason makes me more comfortable?

But it's still not my favorite and I still prefer running outside.. but for about 2 hours after running in the cold I cough and wheeze like I either smoke or have asthma, which isn't fun either. Not to mention the wind. OH THE WIND.

So, my conclusion after week 1 of below-freezing weather, is that either way {indoor or outdoor} winter training is going to be NO FUN... but it must be done and at least I will come out on the other side a better runner, right?

The upside to running in the cold? I can get a nice hot cup of cappucino when I get back.

cappucino maker

Josh got this cool new cappucino maker earlier this week, so now we are like little baristas!


Hmmm.. or maybe not.

It's pretty fun though and super easy to make!

chai tea latte

So far we have made chai tea and caramel lattes... but there are so many different flavors you can buy! {you can even buy Starbucks brand!}

On that note, I either need to get up and run errands or I may end up falling asleep...

...and only 2 weeks until Christmas! I better get moving!!