Things I loved about Thanksgiving...

If I made a list of everything I was thankful for, it would take forever. So I'll just write about what I loved about Thanksgiving Day, because it was still a lot.

First, of course, starting off the day by running 5 miles.

at the finish

Eating so much turkey that everyone fell asleep. Dang tryptophan.

doug sleeping
amy and rj
sleepy kosmo

Even cute little Kosmo.

Going for a walk in the cold.

me in the cold

with the Kosmo..

me and the kosmo

and silly Josh.

silly biscuit

Watching Gage and Morgan {who didn't seem to mind the cold nearly as much as the rest of us} get excited about picking pretty fall leaves.

picking leaves

Appreciating the little things.


Mandy's beautiful Christmas decorations.


Taking Josh's family pictures.

josh's family
amy & kids
doug & lynda
josh, lynn, & kosmo christmas

Mandy and Joe's was a little harder to capture, thanks to two bassett hounds who were over the picture taking after about 5 seconds.

sleepy bassets

and a cute little two year old who liked to walk in the way :)

morgan in the middle

But we finally got a good one!

joe & mandy

And, of course, the LEFTOVERS! {not pictured because they are already almost gone!} but many thanks to my beautiful mom for also cooking lots of delicious food {including a DELICIOUS "halloween cake"} and sharing it!


So much to be thankful for. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

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