All over the place!

I had a busy week {hence no blogging} and a FUN weekend!!! This post may be all over the place since it's been awhile. You have been warned.

The week was busy... and rainy... which kind of drained me. It was pretty much a week straight of this:

gray skies

Gray skies and rain! But I got to use my pretty umbrella..


AND I got pretty red roses on Friday. :)


Unfortunately these were not from Josh either, who now claims it's impossible for him to compete with all the flowers I've been getting from other people, so he shouldn't even try ;-)

On Friday night I went to a fun Girls' Night In party with all the girls from the gym {and a few guys} at Elise's house. It was fun to see everyone in regular clothes and not so stinky {in other words, outside of the gym} and get to know a few people I haven't really gotten to know too well before. We had lots of delicious food, played games like charades and Cranium, and just hung out! I'm so thankful for all of the awesome people I've met at LAC. I ♥ my gym family! :) Unfortunately I forgot my camera :(

Saturday morning, Gage had some TV time with "Unc." {That's what Gage and Morgan call Josh}

tv time with unctv time with unc

Kosmo even got in on it..

josh, kosmo, and gage

I love how Kosmo is yawning and Gage's little belly is sticking out in the background!

We also did this pretty much all day long:

kosmo's red ball
kosmo's red ball
kosmo's ball

Kosmo LOVES that red ball! Which is good because it's pretty much the perfect Kosmo toy: indestructable, doesn't soak up slobber, and it's too big to go under the couch!

my baby boy

We also celebrated Doug's {Josh's dad} birthday yesterday, but I have to leave for class in a minute, so I'll write about that later!

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