Doggy News

tobey gets a bath
In Tobey news, the day after Christmas he was a little stinky so we Josh gave him a bath. He hated it. {Tobey, not Josh}.. although Josh probably hated it, too. Tobey doesn't like water and therefore cries and whines and splashes the entire time! But he made it out alive and now he smells like apples!

We gave him a haircut, too, but you can't really tell... maybe because Josh used his hair trimmers, not actually doggy hair trimmers...and Tobey's hair is LONG.

sleepy kosmo
In Kosmo news... nothing is new really. His friend Bogey {pictured below} is staying with him this week. They play together but Bogey is a little overweight and gets out of breath easily. He also sheds EVERYWHERE and snores pretty loud. But he's a cute little guy...

Don't you think?
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