I've been busy!! Can you tell? I hate neglecting my blog... even though no one but me {and occasionally Josh and some of my family} really reads it! I have a ton of laundry and cleaning and organizing, etc etc to do, but here I am blogging! Oh well! Anyway, I will post my HALF MARATHON TRAINING UPDATE soon, but for now here's what else has been going on this past week...

1. Season 9 of The Biggest Loser started!

biggest loser night

And therefore, we resumed our Biggest Loser pizza nights! If you don't watch this show, I would highly recommend it... it's very inspiring.

2. On Tuesday I started a new job!


I am watching baby Abigail 4 days a week. She's a happy little baby, always smiling. I think we will be great friends!
Plus her family sent me flowers in the mail... how cool is that?!

3. On Thursday it snowed! {but I already wrote about that}

tobey outside

Tobey loves the snow! His winter coat? Not so much.

4. On Friday we went to the Improv and saw Whitney Cummings.

It was a good show! I also enjoyed the opening acts, especially a guy named Dave Waite. I can't find his website, but Google him. Or ask Josh. He has a shirt that I think has his website on it.

5. On Saturday, Morgan fixed my hair and we tickled Gage.

pretty hair

Morgan decided she wanted to make my hair pretty, so she got her Tinkerbell hair brush {because she looked, and I didn't have one}, and brushed my hair. This is also involved hitting me in the head and face with the brush. But she said, "pretty hair" the whole time, so I let it slide.

morgan fixing my hairpretty hairpretty hairpretty hair

Eventually I even got some pretty pony tails!

While Morgan was busy fixing my hair, Josh and I were busy torturing tickling Gage.

tickling gagetickling gage

Poor guy never had a chance!

6. On Sunday we went to the movies.


We saw Daybreakers. Josh wanted to see it. If you do, save yourself some time and money and don't. It was pretty lame. Wait until it comes to Red Box, or the dollar theater. It wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen, but it was yeah, pretty lame.

Alright...I'm off to start on some cleaning & laundry! School started today.. but more on that later. I'll be back soon with my HMTU! :)

Happy Monday!

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