Ribs & Red Velvet Cake

red velvet birthday cake

Yesterday we celebrated Doug's birthday!

morgan and grampy

Morgan kept the birthday boy company while everyone else was getting dinner ready..

morgan and grampy

We ate TONS of delicious food, including BBQ ribs! {which there were, sadly, no leftovers of}

bbq ribs

....thanks to RJ!


We also had macaroni and cheese, potatoes, green beans, and steamed veggies. And of course.. birthday cake!

happy birthday!
blowing out the candles

Red velvet birthday cake! The kids loved it!

morgan's cake face

Gage got in trouble for sticking his finger in the cake and licking the icing. However, I almost want to say I can't blame him! He didn't think anyone would know he did it if he just said it wasn't him... he didn't think anyone would go looking for his fingerprints in the cake!

morgan and joshmorgan and josh

Aww...aren't Morgan and Josh cute? :)

birthday boy

Happy Birthday, Doug! Hope it was wonderful! :o)

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