snow & hot chocolate.

snowy morning

This morning when I woke up, there was actually snow on the ground!!! They were predicting anywhere from 2-5" but our meteorologists are never very accurate so I wasn't getting my hopes up... but it actually happened! There must be at least 2-3" already and it's STILL snowing! :o)

I got to hang out with Gage and Morgan for a little bit today while Amy went to a job interview... so of course we played in the snow!

It was a little windy though... :-/

gage and morgan in the windy snowgage and morgan in the windy snow

But I think they still had fun! I know Kosmo did!


Then we came in for hot chocolate. Apparently Gage and Morgan {according to Gage} have never had hot chocolate, so I let them make it.

hot chocolatemaking hot chocolateyum!gage making hot chocolate

They loved making it and thought it was delicious! And immediately after finishing his hot chocolate, Gage was ready to go back outside!

Hope everyone is enjoying the snow! Stay safe and warm!!!

snow boots