Weekend tidbits..

week 2 flowers

My paycheck came delivered with flowers again this week! I could really get used to this. I hope it continues to be a weekly thing :) Although, I do find it a tad ironic that I've now gotten flowers twice in the last 2 weeks and neither time was from Josh... hehe ;-)

brush yo teeth
kosmo in the closet

On Saturday evening after the race we went out for dinner to PF Changs with Pat & Sheri.

pf changs

As always, it was delicious! Mmmm lettuce wraps! :)

Then I washed a blanket that had been needing washed since Bogey was here...I'm pretty sure he left his entire coat on that blanket!

bogey aftermath
bogey aftermath

It came out in the dryer vent!! It was also all over the washer...eww.

josh's face mask

And then Josh decided to exfoliate and revitalize his face... while we watched 24 of course! {Best show ever!} Doesn't he look thrilled about me taking this picture? ;-)

candy heart

It was nothing overly exciting, but sometimes it's the little things that make it good. Like flowers. And dogs. And PF Changs. And running a race and setting a PR. And a cute studly boyfriend. And candy in a heart-shaped bowl :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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