don't cry over spilt milk...

so today.

the weather was awesome...
60 degrees and sunny!
we took the dogs for a walk
and then gave them a bath.
i took tobey home
baked a cake with my mom
then ran some errands.

i tried to carry all 5 bags in at once.
i tried to unlock the door with all 5 bags in my hand.
then i dropped one.
the one with the milk in it.
know what happened?


it busted!!!!
milk went all over the front porch!
i didn't even know that could happen!
i just stared at it like, "seriously?!??!"
who knew the plastic milk jug could bust like that?!
not me.
now i do.

spilled milk

i really wanted to cry
but josh just laughed and hugged me.
luckily he thought it was funny and wasn't mad.
that's why i like him.
because he doesn't cry over spilt milk :)
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