one down..


Eleven more months to go! I didn't miss a single day in January for my photo-a-day project! I am actually kinda surprised! Last time I tried this whole 365 thing {in 2008} I am pretty sure I didn't even make it all the way through January. Hopefully I can keep it up! They say after 21 days you make a habit, so hopefully that'll be true! :)

I'm not really too sad to see January go. The closer we get to the other months that start with J the better :)

I had a pretty good weekend... on Saturday it actually snowed! They were originally predicting a LOT of snow, then they called it all off, then they were predicting 2-4" {which is about what we got}... which all really means no one really knew what was going to happen. I didn't do a single thing that was productive on Saturday, but I did get to hang out all day with these 2...aren't I lucky? :)

josh & kosmo

I love this picture because it looks like Kosmo is smiling!

On Sunday Gage helped Josh build a shelf. Or maybe Josh helped Gage build the shelf, I'm not sure. He was such a big boy though and was a great little helper! Good job, Josh! ;-)
gage's shelf

I also ran 10 miles!!! {which kind of made up for not doing anything productive on Saturday, I think} But I'll write about that in my HMTU :)