a friday night date


last night josh and i ventured over to the other side of the river {i know, let's not get crazy now!} for a little shopping and dinner. first we stopped by his doctor's office to pick up his running headband that he had left there and finally tracked down {after he already bought a new one, of course} and ran into a couple of his runner friends who just so happened to be visiting the doctor. random! so it was nice to talk to them for a little bit.

then we did some window shopping at murphy's camera!! which is basically like putting a 5 year old in a candy store.. i love it there. so many different lenses... i want to learn about them all and figure out which ones are best for which occasions and why. i still know so little about photography, but it's fun for me and i love it because there's always something to learn and a way to better yourself. plus it's a great creative outlet. we looked at this lens and this camera... which unfortunately isn't available yet but we're hoping comes out before spring break!!!

then we went to dinner at rafferty's. it was a nice change.. i don't think josh has ever eaten there and i haven't eaten there since i lived in tennessee. dinner included...

kona chicken

kona chicken for josh

pork chop

a pork chop for me
& sweet potatoes for both of us.

coffee drink

and a coffee drink to share. it may or may not have had alcohol in it and it may or may not have been a little strong.

at the end of the night i told josh thanks for taking me out on a fun date, and he said he didn't realize it was a date.. i guess we are past the "dating" stage now??? hmmm i wonder what that's supposed to mean... ? ;-)

p.s. we saw shutter island today and it was awesome!!!!! definitely recommend it!